Quicksand Recording Studio, Christchurch, New Zealand

About Quicksand Recording Studio

Quicksand Recording Studio is the South Island's world-class recording facility. Catering to music, radio and film post-production, Quicksand has been purpose-built to accommodate and faithfully realise your project with the utmost professionalism and skill.

The studio features a very large live room, with two isolation booths in complete visual communication with both the live room, the control room, and each other. Also available is a smaller production suite from which visiting producers, engineers, composers and musicians are welcome to work in conjunction with or separately to a session in the main studio.

The control room features the award-winning, industry pinnacle SSL Duality recording console, with 48 channels of analogue circuitry and digital flexibility. This stunning piece of equipment is the heart of the studio, and can be seen in some of the greatest control rooms in the world. Working in total communication alongside the console is a brand new Pro Tools HDX rig, bringing your music the editing and tracking efficiency that the modern music industry requires.  The control room is spacious and temperature controlled, with room for the whole band to sit comfortably.

Quicksand offers a wide range of vintage analogue outboard equipment, as well as modern classics. Think Neve, API, Urei, Manley, Teletronix, Empirical Labs, DBX, Chandler, TC Electronics, Bricasti... The live room hosts a wall of amplifiers to make a guitarist's dreams come true, a Yamaha C7 grand piano, and a five-piece Ludwig USA Legacy Classic drum kit, fitted out with a Ludwig Black Beauty snare.